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Ms. Shah, Mr. Franzke and Mr. Jahn with the new CNC Mill at Burnsview Secondary

Last week, a state-of-the-art HAAS desktop Computer Numeric Control (CNC) mill was donated to Burnsview Secondary by the BC Metal Manufacturers Advisory Group (BCMMAG) through the Construction Foundation of BC. The mill will be used to give students insight into what a career in machining involves.

The BCMMAG is a collaboration between Udo Jahn of Modern Engineering, the Construction Foundation, educator Courtenay Rimaldi (teacher), Thomas Skinner and Son and other BC businesses. The BCMMAG’s aim is to get this type of machine into every school district in BC as a way of promoting machining as a viable career option and filling the current skills gap in the machining industry. Last year, students at Delta Secondary School were the lucky recipients of an identical mill through this same initiative.

Udo Jahn, owner of Modern Engineering, is one of the major donors to the Construction Foundation of BC and was onsite at Burnsview Secondary to witness delivery of the new mill on June 22.

“We are looking to create a model of support for schools to help them make manufacturing and machining a destination for young people,” said Mr. Jahn. “We are trying to figure out what schools need in order to support this effort and since Modern Engineering is located in Delta, we picked another school in the Delta School District for this latest donation. What we learn from this will help us to support other school districts in the future.”

“HAAS produces world-class automated machinery, and Burnsview is thrilled to be the 10th school in B.C. to receive one of their CNC Desktop Mills,” said Burnsview Secondary educator Sami Shah. “Burnsview students will be on the leading edge of modern applied design skills and technology for the lower mainland as hands-on learning of the intricacies of automated CNC machining will now be a competency in both woodwork and metalwork curriculums.”

“As wonderful as this is for our school, it also helps shine a light on technology education in Canada,” said Burnsview Secondary educator Tim Franzke. “In other parts of the world with strong manufacturing sectors, students have had ready access to this type of machinery and training. In contrast, most high school programs here in Canada rely heavily on donations from local companies. We are so thankful to the BCMMAG for this generous donation. Students are excited to start using the new equipment when they return to school in the fall.”

Mr. Jahn recently participated in a job fair in Delta hosted by the Delta School District in partnership with the Delta Work BC Centre. “I found it very interesting that many young people did not have a destination for their future working career. Many young people just wanted a job,” said Mr. Jahn. “I think our efforts and participation at the job fair level and within the school level will help direct young people to the various skilled job opportunities in manufacturing. Many companies complain they cannot find people. We believe that we are not running out of people, but we are running out of skilled people. To get more skilled people, we need to be training and that starts at the high school level. The earlier we start more training and skill development the faster we will solve the Skills Gap.”

“Udo’s commitment to promoting manufacturing as a valuable and rewarding career option for students is extremely strong, and we feel extremely lucky to have his support here in our district,” said Lisa Chapieski, District Coordinator Student Options & Opportunities. “In addition to his efforts with the BCMMAG, he has hired several Delta School District grads in the past and recently hired two more students from Delta Secondary School to work at Modern Engineering over the summer.”

Article originally posted on Delta School District website.



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